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Visiting the Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers

At the Orthotics and Prosthetics Centers, we understand that there are many things in life you would rather be doing than visiting us. But there are a few things we can both do to make sure you have the most positive and productive visits possible. From the start, its important to know that our practitioners are dedicated to making certain your prosthetic or orthotic device fits and functions properly and provides maximum comfort and safety. This may require more than one visit to our center, depending on your personal need.

Scheduling an appointment
When you call, one of our professionals will ask about your specific orthotic or prosthetic needs. They may ask if you have a prescription and about your insurance. So its a good idea to have your medical information handy. We'll do our best to schedule an appointment thats most convenient for you.

Your First Visit

When you arrive
Please have a current copy of your insurance information with you. We'll ask you to fill out some forms while we make a copy of your insurance or Medicaid/Medicare information. We recommend arriving a few minutes early, so you have some extra time to fill out the necessary information.

Your initial evaluation
During the first visit, your practitioner will evaluate your condition and ask you some questions about your need for an orthotic or prosthetic device. The more information you can give your practitioner the better we will be able to meet your personal needs.

Measuring & Casting
Following the evaluation, the practitioner may measure and/or cast you for your device. Measurement can be taken with different devices such as a tape measure, M-L gauge, calipers, etc. Casting your limb or torso can be done using thin fiberglass material or plaster. Both are removed when dry and easily cleaned from skin with soap and water. After measuring and/or casting is completed, then you will be instructed to make a return appointment for your fitting before leaving our office.

Fitting Appointment

During this visit, your practitioner will help you try on your device. They will also train you how to put it on and take it off, observe the comfort and function while in use and make any necessary adjustments.

In most instances with a new orthosis, after any adjustments are made at this time, you'll be able to leave with the device. If however, any additional adjustments are necessary your practitioner will discuss what needs to be done and set up a time for a final fitting. Prosthetic appointments after casting consist of an initial fitting for alignment and height adjustments as well as comfort. The patient will return for a final fitting of the finished prostheses making certain it performs as expected.

At The Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers our practitioners are dedicated to spending the time it takes to make sure your comfortable with your new device and answer any questions you might have.

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