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Our team of accredited professionals is here to help ensure
your patients receive superior personal care.

A commitment to collaboration

To ensure your patients receive superior orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic services, The Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers are designed to foster close relationships with physicians, therapists and other healthcare providers. Our collaboration with a leading manufacturer of orthotic and prosthetic products and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital lets us address your patients unique needs and deliver a full spectrum of services.

Our accredited practitioners are dedicated to working closely with you to ensure continuous patient care. You have the flexibility to refer patients to any of our four convenient locations. In addition, our practitioners are prepared to consult with you, your patient and your colleagues at your office, clinic or hospital setting.

To make certain patients who are undergoing a surgical procedure receive a seamless transition from surgery to recovery, we offer pre and postoperative consultations. We also encourage healthcare professionals to call and discuss their patients requirements whenever the need arises.

Our Collaborators


Patient Referrals

At The Orthotic & Prosthetic Centers we provide timely orthotic and prosthetic care to your patient referrals. We make it easy for you and your patient throughout the process and keep you informed and report patient outcomes back to you.

Steps For Patient Referrals

1. Physician provides a prescription, complete with diagnosis codes and supporting notes.

2. Patient contacts The Orthotic and Prosthetic Center to schedule a consultation.

3. The patient will be evaluated by one of our certified orthotists / prosthetists and we’ll measure patient for the appropriate device. During the visit, we verify their insurance benefits and discuss with patient.

4. Our orthotist or prosthetist fabricates and fits the device to the patient.

5. The patient is scheduled for a follow-up visit and we report outcomes back to the physician.

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