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We provide prosthetics that help patients regain their self-confidence and help return them to their normal lifestyle

Upper Extremity Prostheses

I-Limb Ultra
Male drinking coffee
Chef with prosthetic hand

Upper Extremity


There are many factors both medical and personal to consider when choosing an upper extremity prosthetic device. These include, the degree of amputation, the condition of the residual limb, your personal goals, the desired appearance of the prosthesis, and all activity and work-related requirements.

Throughout the process, our prosthetists will work closely with you to answer all your questions as well as advise and advocate on your behalf with insurance companies or other funding providers.

Here are the upper extremity prostheses options available:

• Passive cosmetic restoration

• Body-powered prosthesis

• Electrically powered prothesis

• Hybrid prosthesis

• Activity-specific prothesis

Upper Extremity Devices
Passive hand prostheses
Passive Hand - custom silicone hand prostheses
Body powered prostheses
Body powered cable prostheses
I-Limb Ultra prosthetic hand
I-Limb Ultra myoelectric prosthetic hand
Myoelectric hybrid arm / hand prosthesis
Myoelectric hybrid arm / hand prosthesis

Lower Extremity Protheses

Person with lower extremity prosthses
Man with prosthesis outdoor

Lower Extremity


Numerous factors determine which prostheses is best for each patient. Some of these include age, weight, activity level, residual limb size and shape, as well as your physician’s diagnosis and prognosis. We provide care for every level of lower extremity amputation, including hip-disarticulation, hemi-pelvectomy, above-knee, knee-disarticulation, below-knee, and partial foot amputees.

Our prosthetists work closely with their patients, physicians, therapists, and family members, to develop the best treatment plan. We are here to ensure they receive all the support needed to assist in their rehabilitation process.

Below Knee (BK) Prostheses
Below Knee Prostheses
Below Knee (BK) suction socket prostheses with removable silicone cover (left) / Below Knee (BK) suction socket prosthesis with flexible inner liner with light weight frame (right)
Below Knee (BK) Prostheses
Below Knee Prostheses
Below Knee (BK) suction socket prosthesis with laminated fabric artwork (left) / Below Knee (BK) suction socket carbon fiber running blade
Above Knee (AK) Prostheses
Above Knee (AK) suction socket with laminated fabric light weight frame (left) / Above Knee (AK) suction socket with carbon fiber frame
Above Knee (AK) suction socket with laminated fabric light weight frame (left) / Above Knee (AK) suction socket with carbon fiber frame

Bionic | New Technologies

Advanced Prosthetic Devices

Advances in technology are creating more efficient, safer, and intelligent prostheses. This allows patients to do the things they love with more confidence and ease. Our practioners are passionate about new technology. We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest advancements in the field.

Several manufacturers have developed micro-processor knee units that have made a remarkable difference for many above-the-knee amputees. The on board computer reads the patients’ gait and adjusts automatically to changes in speed, slope and overall cadence.

For example, Ottobock offers the Ottobock “C-Leg” and “Genium” micro-processors,  Ossur offers the “Rheo Knee” and there are other options, as well. Our prosthetists can discuss the advantages of each with you.

For below-the-knee amputees there have been several advances in technology as well that we are certified to fit, including the “Harmony System” from Ottobock. This system manages limb-volume loss through a vacuum system and result in significantly more comfort and fewer adjustments.

Ottobock C-Leg
Ottobock C-Leg
Ottobock Genium
Ottobock Genium
OSSUR Rheo Knee
OSSUR Rheo Knee
Ottobock Harmony System
Ottobock Harmony
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