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Our centers offer a variety of Upper & Lower Limb Orthoses tailored to treat your specific diagnoses.

Upper Limb Orthoses


Wrist Hand Orthoses
Elbow Orthoses
Elbow Wrist Hand Orthosis

Hand and wrist orthotics are designed and manufactured to provide a range of wrist, hand and finger position to treat post-operative conditions, sports injuries and manage soft tissue contracture.

Elbow and arm orthoses are designed for the treatment of elbow instability, post-operative conditions and repetitive stress injury. These orthoses range from static to range of motion, to wrap around styles. Bilateral and unilateral hinge options are also available.

Wrist Hand Orthosis Static
WHO Static
Wrist Hand Orthosis Positional
WHO Positional
Elbow Orthosis
EO Flexion Extension Assist
Elbow Orthosis
EO Free Motion

Lower Limb Orthoses

Foot Orthotics


Foot Orthoses provide support for the foot and ankle to help control excessive movement. This aids in the treatment of pain in the mid-foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip and lower back. Our custom foot orthotics are custom made to your exact foot shape. This helps reposition the structures in the foot to optimize biomechanical function and reduce the chance of injury.

Foot Orthotic Insert
Custom Foot Orthotic Inserts
Custom Shoe Lifts
Custom Foot Orthotic Shoe Lifts
Supra Malleolar Orthosis
Supra Malleolar Orthosis (SMO)


Ankle Foot Orthoses

We offer a variety of ankle and foot orthoses to treat a number of conditions including: contractures, foot drop, heel pressure sores, spasticity, tendonitis, stress fractures, as well as ligament and tendon repairs.

Custom Articulating Ankle Foot Orthotic
Custom Articulating AFO
Custom AFO with Dorsal Wrap Inner Boot
Custom AFO with Dorsal Wrap Inner Boot
Custom AFO with Leather and Metal
Custom AFO with Metal and Leather (left) / Custom AFO with Plastic, Metal and Leather Cuff (right)
Custom Crow Walker AFO
Custom Crow Walker AFO


Knee Orthoses
Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses
Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

Knee and Leg Orthoses are available in a variety of designs and sizes to treat knee injuries, ligament repairs and knee instability. We also offer custom immobilization orthoses and drop lock features for both adult and pediatric patients.

Knee Orthoses
Custom Leather KO with Lever Lock (left) / Custom KO with Step Lock (right)
Custom KAFO with Drop Lock (left) / Custom KAFO  with lever release (right)
Custom KAFO with Drop Lock (left) / Custom KAFO with lever release (right)
Custom KAFO Metal and Leather with Lever Lock
Custom KAFO Metal and Leather with Lever Lock
Hip Knee Foot Orthosis
TLSO Orthosis with a HKAFO
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